In the Name of the Family: A Novel

Random House #ad - . But while the pope rails against old age and his son’s increasingly erratic behavior, it is Lucrezia who must navigate the treacherous court of Urbino, her new home, and another challenging marriage to create her own place in history. Enthralling. His daughter lucrezia, aged twenty-two—already three times married and a pawn in her father’s plans—is discovering her own power.

It is 1502 and rodrigo borgia, a self-confessed womanizer and master of political corruption, is now on the papal throne as Alexander VI. And then there is his son cesare borgia, brilliant, ruthless, and increasingly unstable; it is his relationship with Machiavelli that gives the Florentine diplomat a master class in the dark arts of power and politics.

One of history’s notorious families comes to life in a captivating novel from the author of The Birth of Venus. Named one of the best books of the year by cosmopolitan uk and the times uk “in the end, what’s a historical novelist’s obligation to the dead? Accuracy? Empathy? Justice? Or is it only to make them live again? Dunant pays these debts with a passion that makes me want to go straight out and read all her other books.

In the Name of the Family: A Novel #ad - Diana gabaldon, passion, beauty, the washington Post Bestselling novelist Sarah Dunant has long been drawn to the high drama of Renaissance Italy: power, brutality, and the ties of blood. What machiavelli learns will go on to inform his great work of modern politics, The Prince. She has a special gift for attending to her female characters.

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Blood and Beauty: A Novel About the Borgias

Random House #ad - Later immortalized in Machiavelli’s The Prince, he provides the energy and the muscle. If the borgias are to triumph, cesare, his eldest son, women, and power must use papacy and family—in particular, this charismatic, consummate politician with a huge appetite for life, and his daughter Lucrezia—in order to succeed.

. By the end of the fifteenth century, the beauty and creativity of Italy is matched by its brutality and corruption, nowhere more than in Rome and inside the Church. The members of this close-knit family emerge as dynamic characters, flawed but sympathetic, filled with fear and longing. The seattle times “the machiavellian atmosphere—hedonism, lust, political intrigue—is magnetic.

. Twelve years old when the novel opens, and from childish innocence to painful experience, hers is a journey through three marriages, from pawn to political player. Now sarah dunant turns her discerning eye to one of the world’s most intriguing and infamous families—the Borgias—in an engrossing work of literary fiction.

Blood and Beauty: A Novel About the Borgias #ad - . Named one of the best books of the year by kirkus reviewsthe new york times bestselling author of the acclaimed Italian Renaissance novels—The Birth of Venus, In the Company of the Courtesan, and Sacred Hearts—has an exceptional talent for breathing life into history. Readers won’t want the era of Borgia rule to end.

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In the Company of the Courtesan: A Novel

Random House #ad - With a mix of courage and cunning they infiltrate Venetian society. Escaping the sack of rome in 1527, with their stomachs churning on the jewels they have swallowed, head for Venice, the shimmering city born out of water to become a miracle of east-west trade: rich and rancid, the courtesan Fiammetta and her dwarf companion, pious and profitable, Bucino, beautiful and squalid.

But fiammetta and bucino’s greatest challenge comes from a young crippled woman, a blind healer who insinuates herself into their lives and hearts with devastating consequences for them all. A story of desire and deception, sin and religion, loyalty and friendship, In the Company of the Courtesan paints a portrait of one of the world’s greatest cities at its most potent moment in history: It is a picture that remains vivid long after the final page.

In the Company of the Courtesan: A Novel #ad - My lady, letting in a flood of half-starved, was plucking her eyebrows and biting color into her lips when the unthinkable happened and the Holy Roman Emperor’s army blew a hole in the wall of God’s eternal city, Fiammetta Bianchini, half-crazed troops bent on pillage and punishment. Thus begins in the company of the Courtesan, Sarah Dunant’s epic novel of life in Renaissance Italy.

Together they make the perfect partnership: the sharp-tongued, sharp-witted dwarf, trained from birth to charm, entertain, and his vibrant mistress, and satisfy men who have the money to support her. Yet as their fortunes rise, this perfect partnership comes under threat, from the searing passion of a lover who wants more than his allotted nights to the attentions of an admiring Turk in search of human novelties for his sultan’s court.


The Shadow Queen: A Novel

Anchor #ad - Trilogy, comes a spellbinding novel inspired by the true story of a young woman who rises from poverty to become confidante to the most powerful, provocative and dangerous woman in the 17th century French court: the mistress of the charismatic Sun King. 1660, parisclaudette’s life is like an ever-revolving stage set.

From an impoverished childhood wandering the French countryside with her family’s acting troupe, Claudette finally witnesses her mother's astonishing rise to stardom in Parisian theaters. From the author of the beloved Josephine B. This parallel is not lost on athénaïs, who fears political enemies are plotting her ruin as young courtesans angle to take the coveted spot in the king's bed.

Indeed, claudette's "reputable" new position is marked by spying, illicit trysts and titanic power struggles. As athénaïs, becomes ever more desperate to hold onto the king's favor, innocent love charms move into the realm of deadly Black Magic, and Claudette is forced to consider a move that will put her own life—and the family she loves so dearly—at risk.

The Shadow Queen: A Novel #ad - Set against the gilded opulence of a newly-constructed versailles and the War of Theaters, the illusion of power, gripping novel about the lure of wealth, THE SHADOW QUEEN is a seductive, and the increasingly uneasy relationship between two strong-willed women whose actions could shape the future of France.

Working with playwrights corneille, molière and Racine, but like all in the theatrical world at the time, Claudette’s life is culturally rich, she's socially scorned. A series of chance encounters gradually pull Claudette into the alluring orbit of Athénaïs de Montespan, mistress to Louis XIV and reigning "Shadow Queen.

Needing someone to safeguard her secrets, Athénaïs offers to hire Claudette as her personal attendant.


Sacred Hearts: A Novel

Random House #ad - Her first night inside the walls is spent in an incandescent rage so violent that the dispensary mistress, Suora Zuana, is dispatched to the girl’s cell to sedate her. Ripped by her family from the man she loves, sixteen-year-old Serafina is sharp and defiant. Thus begins a complex relationship of trust and betrayal.

. As serafina rails against her incarceration, while beyond its walls, disorder and rebellion mount inside the convent, the dictates of the Counter-Reformation begin to impose a regime of oppression that threatens what little freedom the nuns have enjoyed. Acclaimed author sarah dunant brings the intricate Renaissance world compellingly to life in this rich, multifaceted love story encompassing the passions of the flesh, engrossing, and the deep, the exultation of the spirit, enduring power of friendship.

Sacred Hearts: A Novel #ad - Bonus: this edition contains a Sacred Hearts discussion guide. The year is 1570, and a new novice has just been forced into the Italian convent of Santa Caterina.


Imperial Woman: The Story of the Last Empress of China

Open Road Media #ad - Buck including rare images from the author’s estate. Much has been written about tzu hsi, but no other novel recreates her life—the extraordinary personality, together with the world of court intrigue and the period of national turmoil with which she dealt—as well as Imperial Woman. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S.

. From the nobel prize–winning author of the good Earth: the New York Times–bestselling biography of Tzu Hsi, the concubine who became China’s last empress. In imperial Woman, Pearl S. Already set apart on account of her beauty, she’s determined to be the emperor’s favorite, and devotes all of her talent and cunning to the task.

Imperial Woman: The Story of the Last Empress of China #ad - Buck brings to life the amazing story of Tzu Hsi, who rose from concubine status to become the working head of the Qing Dynasty. Born from a humble background, a handsome guard—but while still a teenager she is selected, Tzu Hsi falls in love with her cousin Jung Lu, along with her sister and hundreds of other girls, for relocation to the Forbidden City.

When the emperor dies, she finds herself in a role of supreme power, one she’ll command for nearly fifty years.


The Birth of Venus: A Novel Reader's Circle

Random House #ad - It brings alive the history of florence at its most dramatic period, religion, and power through the passionate voice of Alessandra, telling a compulsively absorbing story of love, art, a heroine with the same vibrancy of spirit as her beloved city. Played out against this turbulent backdrop, Alessandra’s married life is a misery, except for the surprising freedom it allows her to pursue her powerful attraction to the young painter and his art.

The birth of venus is a tour de force, the first historical novel from one of Britain’s most innovative writers of literary suspense. A child of the renaissance, with a precocious mind and a talent for drawing, Alessandra is intoxicated by the painter’s abilities. But their burgeoning relationship is interrupted when Alessandra’s parents arrange her marriage to a wealthy, much older man.

The Birth of Venus: A Novel Reader's Circle #ad - . Alessandra and her native city are caught between the Medici state, learning, and dazzling art, with its love of luxury, and the hellfire preaching and increasing violence of Savonarola’s reactionary followers. Meanwhile, florence is changing, increasingly subject to the growing suppression imposed by the fundamentalist monk Savonarola, who is seizing religious and political control.

Alessandra cecchi is not quite fifteen when her father, a prosperous cloth merchant, brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family’s Florentine palazzo.


Glory and the Lightning: A Novel of Ancient Greece

Open Road Media #ad - New york times bestseller: a breathtaking saga of ancient Greece and one of history’s most influential political couples, Aspasia and Pericles.    . In bringing to life the tumultuous love affairs and gripping power struggles of one of history’s most complicated and fascinating women, Glory and the Lightning is thrilling proof that “Caldwell never falters when it comes to storytelling” Publishers Weekly.

Born in the greek city of Miletus, Aspasia was destined for a life of tragedy. Her wealthy father vowed to abandon any female child, educated independently of her family, so Aspasia was secreted away, and raised as a courtesan. She becomes his trusted confidante, war, his equal through scandal, and revolt.

Glory and the Lightning: A Novel of Ancient Greece #ad - From the eruption of the peloponnesian War to violent political and family rivalries to a devastating plague, author Taylor Caldwell plunges the reader into the heart of ancient Athens. She discovered at an early age how to use her powers of intellect as ingeniously as those of the flesh. Ensconced in the persian harems of al taliph, statesman, the formidable political leader, she meets the man who will change her fate: Pericles, ruler of Athens, and Aspasia’s most cherished lover.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Taylor Caldwell including rare images from the author’s estate.


Holy Fools: A Novel

HarperCollins e-books #ad - The abbey's new leader is the daughter of a corrupt noble family, and she arrives with a ghost from Juliette's past -- Guy LeMerle, a man she has every reason to fear and hate. This P. S. Joanne harris, bestselling author of chocolat, presents her most accomplished novel yet -- an intoxicating concoction that blends theology and reason, deception and masquerade, with a dash of whimsical humor and a soupçon of sensuality.

Britanny, 1610 Juliette, a one-time actress and rope dancer, is forced to seek refuge among the sisters of the abbey of Sainte Marie-de-la-mer. Edition features an extra 16 pages of insights into the book, recommended reading, including author interviews, and more. Reinventing herself as soeur Auguste, Juliette makes a new life for herself and her young daughter, Fleur.

Holy Fools: A Novel #ad - But when the kindly abbess dies, Juliette's comfortable existence begins to unravel.


The Confessions of Young Nero

Berkley #ad - While nero idealizes the artistic and athletic principles of Greece, his very survival rests on his ability to navigate the sea of vipers that is Rome. But as agrippina’s machinations earn her son a title he is both tempted and terrified to assume, Nero’s determination to escape her thrall will shape him into the man he was fated to become—an Emperor who became legendary.

With impeccable research and captivating prose, The Confessions of Young Nero is the story of a boy’s ruthless ascension to the throne. Detailing his journey from innocent youth to infamous ruler, it is an epic tale of the lengths to which man will go in the ultimate quest for power and survival. Built on the backs of those who fell before it, Julius Caesar’s imperial dynasty is only as strong as the next person who seeks to control it.

The most lethal of all is his own mother, a cold-blooded woman whose singular goal is to control the empire. As a boy, nero’s royal heritage becomes a threat to his very life, first when the mad emperor Caligula tries to drown him, then when his great aunt attempts to secure her own son’s inheritance.

The Confessions of Young Nero #ad - In the roman empire no one is safe from the sting of betrayal: man, woman—or child. The new york times bestselling and legendary author of Helen of Troy and Elizabeth I now turns her gaze on Emperor Nero, one of the most notorious and misunderstood figures in history. With cunning and poison, the obstacles fall one by one.

Faced with shocking acts of treachery, young Nero is dealt a harsh lesson: it is better to be cruel than dead.


Victoria Victorious: The Story of Queen Victoria Queens of England Book 3

Broadway Books #ad - She and her mother lived in genteel poverty for most of her childhood, exiled from court because of her mother’s dislike of her uncles, George IV and William IV. In this novel, written as a “memoir” by Victoria herself, she emerges as truthful, sentimental, and essentially human—both a lovable woman and a great queen.

The almost-forgotten princess was now Queen of England. Victoria’s grief after prince albert’s untimely death was so shattering that for the rest of her life—nearly forty years—she dressed only in black. A strong, willful child, victoria was determined not to be stifled by her powerful uncles or her unpopular, controlling mother.

Even better, she was finally free of her mother’s iron hand and her uncles’ manipulations. In this unforgettable novel of Queen Victoria, Jean Plaidy re-creates a remarkable life filled with romance, triumph, and tragedy. Her first act as queen was to demand that she be given a room—and a bed—of her own.

Victoria Victorious: The Story of Queen Victoria Queens of England Book 3 #ad - She survived several assassination attempts, and during her reign England’s empire expanded around the globe until it touched every continent in the world. Then one morning, at the age of eighteen, Princess Victoria awoke to the news of her uncle William’s death. Victoria’s marriage to her German cousin, Prince Albert, was a blissfully happy one that produced nine children.

At birth, princess victoria was fourth in line for the throne of England, the often-overlooked daughter of a prince who died shortly after her birth.